Looking for the best reed diffuser? There are so many reasons to opt for a reed diffuser if you like home fragrance: they are long-lasting; they are safer to use than candles; the choice of fragrances is incredible. And – there's nothing like a beautiful home fragrance to pull a home's decorating scheme together.

Need guidance? Jump down the page to find out how to buy the a good quality reed diffuser. Can't decide whether you want a reed diffuser, candle, or oil diffuser? See all the best home scents for every room in our buyer's guide. 

Our top pick is the Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia. It's luxurious, fresh, comes in an elegant-looking bottle and it has notes of pear, freesia, amber and patchouli. We also love the Stoneglow Nature's Gift English Country Garden Diffuser; it has a beautiful bottle, all ingredients are sourced from sustainable resources and it's lightly floral smelling.

For full reviews, keep scrolling. If you don't have the time to read them all, here are favourites at a glance:

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Take up Jo Malone’s invitation to 'decorate with scent' with the perfumiere’s best-selling English Pear & Freesia, a fruity-floral scent that encapsulates early autumn beautifully.

ScentThe combination of juicy King William pear with the delicate white flower scent of the freesia and a base of earthy, woody patchouli is a real winner.  

PackagingEncased in a glass bottle, the reed diffuser comes with 10 reed sticks. The bottle and sticks will come wrapped in an iconic Jo Malone box tied with a grosgrain ribbon, making it a perfect gift!

What we like about itIt's unusual, but subtle enough that it won’t give you a headache or overpower the room. A real cult favourite, we think this makes a wonderful first foray to the world of home fragrance, which makes it our top pick.

What we don't like about itIf you're after a strong-smelling diffuser, this isn't the one for you. Also beware of the high price tag.

If you’ve ever fallen in love with Stoneglow’s botanicals-packed gel candles (we know we have) then this decorative reed diffuser is for you, although if you're looking for gifts, we have it on good authority from happy reviewers that it makes a great one. 

ScentThe delicate blooms adorning the jar and the exquisite scent of lily, rose and hyacinth with a fresh green base give this floral scented diffuser an air of an English country garden – hence the name. A light, airy scent with just a touch of sweetness that will have your guests wondering where to buy it.

PackagingArriving in a StoneGlow white box, the scent sits in a beautifully elegant round glass bottle filled with flowers. The diffuser comes with five sticks.

What we like about itApart from the fact that the Stoneglow Nature's Gift English Country Garden Diffuser looks great on display, the essential oils and natural waxes which make the product are sourced from sustainable resources. The diffuser also lasts for quite a while, and we think it's affordable for how luxurious it is.

How to do a winter home fragrance without making a cloying concoction that smells (yet again) of cinnamon? Ask Skandinavisk, the masters of modern, transparent fragrances that manage to be memorable. This one promises to transport you to the calm of the arboreal forest – and boy, does it deliver.

ScentLight and pine-y at first, then more characterful once the smokey notes of birch and leather kick in. But wait: what's that hint of floral spring? Is it the lily of the valley coming through? Minimalist genius. 

What we like about itThis fragrance is calm and unobtrusive, but it isn't boring. You can also get this in a candle version, and even matching hand and body products. Totally gift-worthy.

Part of the Neom Scent To De-Stress™ range, the London Real Luxury diffuser is our choice of the best buy for those who are after something natural.

ScentMade from a blend of 24 different oils which are all 100 per cent natural, organic and cruelty-free, Neom are also vegetarian-conscious and aim to use minimal chemicals.

PackagingThis reed diffuser comes in a rather pretty Neom Organics box. The scent sits in a glass bottle which features a white Neom label. The top of the bottle has a mirrored cap which opens at the top to hold the six diffuser sticks in place.

What we like about itA lovely smelling, yet strong product, it truly is luxury in a bottle. You can add however many of the reeds you prefer; the more you add, the stronger the smell in your home. Turn daily to release the scent. The scent lasts for around 12 weeks, and you can buy refills, so you can either top up on your favourite, or opt for a change. 

What we don't likeIf you put in all the reeds at once, it's way too overpowering and the product disappears fast.

ScentThe name of the Gingerlily scent diffuser is not really accurate: this is a gorgeous tuberose fragrance through and through. Tuberose addicts will know that this is a powerful, heady smell that is not too dissimilar to jasmine. There's a bit of cedar in the background to keep the scent from becoming too strong. 

What we don't likeSmall rooms may struggle with this, as it really is quite powerful. Avoid in rooms without windows.

New Zealand brand Ashley & Co produce eight different fragrances across a range of 50 products. Founder Jackie Ashley's products are inspired by a childhood spent in Hong Kong and travelling to exotic places. Expect fun names like 'Parakeets & Pearls' and 'Bubbles & Polkadots' and wealth of beautiful spices and botanicals to suit all tastes, including wild jasmine, mandarin peel and mimosa. 

ScentWe tested the Vine & Paisley scent which is made from vanilla and sandalwood – fragrances which on their own have a tendency to be too powerful, but combined create a lovely sweet smell of vanilla that is well grounded by the earthier smells.

PackagingThe minimalist black bottle would fit well into lots of room schemes and even the box it comes in, with its slick typography ,is beautiful in its simplicity – a lovely present for a fragrance-loving friend. The box is also FSC card recyclable and biodegradable.

What we like This reed diffuser is strong enough to ward off nasty niffs, without being overpowering. Apart from winning in scent delivery and length of use (up to six months of fragrance), this reed diffuser looks super stylish and is cruelty free which ticks a lot of boxes for us.

What we don't likeYou will want to buy the whole set – body lotion, surface spray, hand cream and candles. Yes, your home will be one harmonious zing of scent, but it will be a rather expensive habit. Ashley & Co products are at the higher end of our budget so the price is the only thing putting us off.

Looking for an affordable reed diffuser to fill your home with fragrance? This natural essential oil blend from AromaWorks is hard to beat on value for money.

ScentThis simple, all-natural scent is pure genius: the cheerful and zingy citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin blended with the grounding and earthy vetivert, and then flavoured with the incense-like scent of frankincense. Amazing.

What we likeThis home fragrance is proper value for money: it's natural, it smells great, and it's only £12. 

When it comes to Tom Dixon’s decadent home fragrance, we’d all do well to take what we think we know about diffusers and disregard it completely. 

ScentThe scent is as unusual as the packaging, too, claiming notes of 'red brick and London parks with crocuses and nettles, and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham'. 

PackagingMoving away from the beloved but admittedly common glass-jar-plus-reeds model, the mirror-shine copper vessel and deep, dark rattan reeds give this designer diffuser a look that’s more industrial loft than country house spa. It comes in a posh gift box and includes seven diffuser sticks, too.

What we likeTom Dixon London Scented Diffuser is definitely one to go for if you’re after something that strays from the usual. 

On the hunt for a reed diffuser for your bedroom? With its statement jar and relaxing scent, this decorative Esteban Neroli Decorative Scent Diffuser is the best pick for the bedroom, or lazy languorous afternoons in the living room.

ScentBeginning with zesty top notes of cassis and bergamot orange before relaxing into a neroli and jasmine heart, and finally to a woody patchouli base, it’s a beautifully balanced scent that’s sure to delight no matter your mood.

PackagingAs we've mentioned above, the stunning bottle the scent comes in really does make a statement, and its triple reed design and elegant glass pearl details look fabulous. The diffuser itself comes in a fancy gift box ideal for a present, and it comes with 20 diffuser sticks included.

What we likeFirstly, the design of the bottle and that it comes with so many sticks, and secondly, the smell really does fill the room. We can bet your guests will be asking you what the smell is!

What we don't likeWe did note, however, that it does evaporate fast, but that's easy to solve – just add fewer diffuser sticks.

The Zagara Reed Diffuser by the Sicily-based brand Ortigia is a thing of beauty. From the intoxicating orange blossom fragrance to the ornate packaging, this is very gift worthy. 

ScentAn intoxicating blend of orange blossom and neroli, this will instantly transport you to Sicily in spring. In fact, we love using this in winter, when the cheerful fragrance cuts through the grey and cold. 

PackagingThe packaging is to die for: just look at that elaborate engraving, and the box has a real wow-factor. 

What we likeThe orange flower essence here is natural, which makes the fragrance super realistic. We also like the choice of sizes available, which means you can spend as little as £27.

What we don't likeThe reeds are a bit on the thinner side, but this is a tiny imperfection in an otherwise stunning design. 

The Dr Vranjes Rosso Nobile Diffuser has been in our home fragrance collection for a long time, and it really deserves its place in the hall of fame of reed diffusers. This elegant and easy-going fragrance just lasts, and lasts, and lasts, without ever becoming overpowering.

ScentAlthough it's described by the brand as a recreation of the smell of red wine, it's basically a very, very sophisticated take on a red fruit scent. Perfectly suited to someone who's been after a realistic, grown-up fruity fragrance without the bubblegum effect you get with some of them. 

PackagingAs elegant as the scent: the facetted glass bottle, the deep red juice inside, and the black reeds are just so perfectly poised. There's also a (crazily expensive) deluxe version in a glass decanter, which you can only get in the UK, from retailers such as Fortnum and Mason.

What we likeWe say it's pretty much impossible to dislike this lovely, wholesome fragrance; it will never give you a headache.

When is a reed diffuser not a reed diffuser? When it’s Tom Dixon’s unique charcoal Earth Scented Diffuser stick version, of course. If you want to fragrance your home but are reluctant about diffusers, this luxury buy may well change your mind. 

ScentThe scent, as well as the design, is created in a way that’s beautifully masculine, with mint and cedar mingling to create a fresh, green scent. 

PackagingPart of a series on the four elements, this Earth diffuser is our favourite, with its opaque black jar and matching charcoal reed, making it the best choice for people who don’t ordinarily like the look of traditional ones. It also comes with one big British-sourced charcoal diffuser stick.

What we likeThe bottle is definitely a huge selling point here for us. It's a big statement and even when empty, you could keep it for decorative purposes if you don't fancy refilling. Also, on that subject, refills are available so you don't have to purchase the entire thing again.

What we don't likeOther reed diffusers come with several sticks so that you can control how much fragrance it emits. So the more sticks, the stronger the scent. This one, however, only has one huge stick, so you can't control how strong it is. It's also expensive.

Made with a pure natural base and naturally derived essential oils, The White Company Spa Restore Diffuser is a great pick if you have children or pets running around and you’re worried about chemicals in fragrance, especially in open containers.

ScentWith notes of neroli, geranium and eucalyptus, the White Company’s Spa fragrance is at once relaxing and rejuvenating – well, just like a spa! 

PackagingHoused in a stunning white glass vessel, this diffuser comes with five rattan reed sticks included and it's packaged in an elegant white box, perfect for gift giving.

What we likeEverything about this diffuser is thoroughly grown-up, from the elegant, borderline medicinal notes to the white glass bottle. It's subtle, which we love, and smells incredible.

What we don't likeThis diffuser isn't the one for you if you're after something strong as it's quite subtle. 

For all of the Prosecco lovers out there, this is the product you need, or should definitely want to receive as a gift very soon.

ScentThe Heyland & Whittle Clementine & Prosecco reed diffuser is tantalising and zesty but also light, sweet and delicate. Not only does the sweet and fruity scent fill the whole room, but it actually stays around for a while, too.

PackagingThe bottle design, although slightly old fashioned looking, offers a stylish way to scent your home depending on the vibe in your house. We still suggest using just a few reeds at first (it comes with eight), just to test the waters as you can always add more in if you feel the scent isn't strong enough. 

What we likeMade from a brand you can trust, we think this diffuser makes a pretty great gift. It also lasts for quite a while before needing to be refilled. The best part? You can be surrounded by Prosecco all day, every day and you'll (hopefully) be hangover-free. Win win!

Not only is this diffuser packaged in a pretty pink tin, but it smells similar to Lush's Snow Fairy bubble bath (a fave). The Lily-flame Fairy Dust Reed Diffuser is our pick of the best pick for teenagers.

ScentPowdery, warm, sparkly and magical all in one. Its base notes are vanilla, musk, amber and patchouli.

PackagingThis diffuser arrives in a pink tube and the liquid sits in a rather plain glass bottle. It comes with sticks included.

What we likeIt's affordable, it lasts for approximately 12 weeks and they also sell matching candles, room sprays and wax melts. 

A gorgeous room fragrance with tart berry and smoky cedar notes, the White Company's Cassis diffuser has nailed the scent of blackberries in a way that makes it very suitable for winter.

ScentYou might wonder why we name 'Cassis' is the best reed diffuser for winter: after all, blackberries put us in mind of late summer. But the fragrance has a real depth to it, thanks to the terrific cedar note. Think a New Year's celebration with a Kir Royal in a hunter's lodge somewhere in a dark, piny forest. 

PackagingAs with their other offerings, The White Company are keeping it simple here; we like the silver ring and elegant lettering: it's elegant but unobtrusive.

What we like This reed diffuser is very versatile: there's hardly a room it won't suit, from the bathroom to the hallway.

What we don't like We're not huge on the reed sticks provided; it might be a good idea to get your own.

Love a reed diffuser, but heard about the potentially toxic effects on your pet? It's not just scaremongering: dogs and cats have a much stronger sense of smell than us and can be overwhelmed by strong scents. Moreover, if they are exposed to strong perfume over long periods of time, it can make them ill by damaging their livers. Here are some solutions:

1. Limit the use of your reed diffuser to parts of the house your pet doesn't spend much time in, for example your home office or bathroom.2. If you do want to keep using a reed diffuser in the main room, keep the space well ventilated and allow your pet access to the outdoors. Consider putting the diffuser away for the night.3. Some natural fragrances are safe for pets, notably the oils of rose, jasmine, and lavender (we mean only to inhale, of course, never to ingest). Look out for natural and organic reed diffusers that use these calm florals, and avoid anything citrus or pine fragranced. 

RefillableWith candles, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Not so with reed diffusers, which can be topped up with new fragrance oil when it's run out. Just make sure that when you buy a diffuser refill you discard your old reeds, as they’ll be saturated with all the scent they’ve soaked up from the first round of oil and won’t soak up any more. 

SafetyReed diffusers are also a better bet if you have safety concerns – candles mustn’t be left burning unattended, or around children or pets. Fragrance diffusers are safer, but be careful choosing the fragrance, as some oils may be toxic. Also, they don’t ‘tunnel’, which is the frustrating phenomenon where candles burn in a hole down the centre, leaving loads of unused wax along the sides.

ScentSo now you know why to buy a diffuser, which one should you buy? If you don’t know what you like, choosing a fragrance can be the hardest part of shopping for a scent diffuser, but looking for individual scent families is a good place to start. Florals are fairly self-explanatory, and while some of them might get a bad rap for being overdone or cloying, our floral picks are all combined with fruity and fresh notes to keep things modern. For a more unexpected home fragrance, consider something from the woody or spicy families, or on the other end of the spectrum, a fresher, 'greener' scent.

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