Skoda has built a concept version of its mid-sized SUV, called the Karoq Velo. Designed to meet the needs of cyclists, it features a range of additional technology, including a built-in washing machine, a pressure washer and a fridge, which the Czech firm claims will improve riders’ pre- and post-ride experience.

The Karoq Velo’s design was led by a survey of 1,500 cyclists, who were asked to list the downsides of cycling. Two major frustrations for the respondents were returning to their car in damp cycling gear with a muddy bicycle. To remedy the issue, Skoda fitted an integrated washing machine and pressure washer to the Velo concept.

Skoda has also fitted two types of cycle storage system to the Karoq Velo; a conventional roof-mounted cycle-rack with space for two bikes and a boot-mounted cycle-rack with space for one. Skoda also claims that, even though the interior rack encroaches on the Karoq’s rear bench seat, practicality hasn’t been affected with the Velo still offering space for four adults.

Another bugbear for survey respondents was dealing with bike mechanical issues, especially at night. To address this Skoda fitted the Karoq Velo with a suite of LED lights and space for a full tool kit. Other additions include, a built-in WiFi hotspot and a magnetic drone landing pad, complete with a Follow Me drone.

Skoda won’t put the Karoq Velo into production, but it will be lending it to cyclists throughout the summer to assist them ahead of races and competitions. The Czech brand also recently launched it’s Driver’s Seat Initiative Cycling Academy, giving aspiring female riders the chance to train under the gold-medal-winning Paralympian cyclist, Dame Sarah Storey.

What are your thoughts on the new Skoda Karoq Velo concept? Let us know in the comments section below…

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